About Us

The Desk is a creative and advanced workspace designed to meet the diverse needs of micro businesses, freelancers, home office workers, entrepreneurs, startups, tech workers, writers, designers and other professionals. From the private offices to dedicated desks, meeting room and event space are most ideal for individuals or teams who feel confined or distracted working from their homes. We have the right size and style workspace for any needs. Whether you need a permanent place to work or just a place to drop in once in a while, The Desk is always at your service.

We offer members workshops, networking events, and access to knowledge-sharing communities of experts. We help members increase their productivity, lead healthier work lives, and gain sustainability through shared resources and a scalable workspace to grow their business.

Our Mission

To provide the resource and solutions for today’s entrepreneurs by offering affordable workplace, networking, educational and personal growth workshops.

To build a strong community of entrepreneurs, micro-businesses, startups, and non-profits which we can share similar core values. We enthusiastically established a place where brilliant minds get productive and stay inspired, often collaborating and building innovative products and services.

Our Vision

To be the recognized leading workspace, which helps members increase their productivity and gain sustainability through shared resources and a scalable workspace to grow their business.

Our Value

To provide creative designed workspace, where members can enjoy the productive working environment with support from an energetic community of professional and social connection.

Membership Package

Membership Benefits

Events specifically for networking with entrepreneurs and investor communities.

Access to our growing, well-networked & collaborative community.

Ability to build your team through our network (co-founders, technical partners).

Discover and share knowledge with other members, mentors, entrepreneurs.

Collaborate with other businesses, and seek bigger opportunities.

Network and interact with the wholesome community that participate in various events hosted.