Meet The Founder: Norith Kim of The Desk Coworking Space

Jun 5, 2018

The Desk is more than just a workspace. Co-founded by Norith Kim in 2017, The Desk has quickly become one of the most dynamic coworking spaces in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The space not only offers startups a place to host meetings and grow, but it is also a creative community for people to share their passions and learn from one another. Already, The Desk is seen as a nexus for like-minded entrepreneurs to come together, collaborate and thrive.

How did you discover coworking?

Had been involved in real estate and property management industry, I found out that the demand of office space keeps increasing, then there are few existing coworking spaces in city, which are mainly focus on individual and teams in open space, yet it does not fit to the preferences of the local startups who are looking for the small private rooms, where they can stay focused on their working productivities while the business keep growing. Additionally, the concept of coworking is very new in the market while the trend of local startups keeps increasing, then coworking would be a great resource to assist them in terms of working environment, professional business service support and community building, where they can learn, share and exchange their ideas in order to bring their business to the next level.

What inspired you to open a Coworking Space?

Our team had primarily tried to find a small, affordable with productive environment to start our projects, but it’s hard to find. Perhaps, not only our team that faced this kind of situation, but also other startups who have a hard time to find their space to work as well. From there, I started to question myself that “why don’t we just run a workspace business that can allocate the working space for our team and at the same also can rent to other teams who had similar experiences on finding one. In so doing, we can get some profit to support our business growth since we are also in the early startup stage.

What is your involvement with The Desk?

I’m a firm believer that getting involved in The Desk is beneficial for both my physical and mental. There’s a sense of community, connection, solidarity, and strength that comes from organizing or participating in an event within my own members. That is great to bring everyone to bind into one big community where we can support each others.

When did you The Desk open?

July 01, 2017 (we finished the construction and started our operations)

How would you describe the community at The Desk?

To build a very meaningful experience for everyone who go to the desk, this advanced coworking space dedicated to build a very friendly, supportive, and engaging community. This is what anyone who involve with the desk will get. With a vision to be the recognized leading workspace, which helps members increase their productivity and gain sustainability through shared resources and a scalable workspace to grow their business.

What are some of the highlights of The Desk?

First of all, it is the convenient location of the desk that situated within the commercial area where people can easily access to many outdoor facilities and beverages apart from working. Other than that, the design of the workspace encourages the energy of creativity for people as it is not stuffy and dark. Additionally, everyone at the desk provide a warm welcome attitude for both visitor and member. Beside a fast Wi-Fi connection and a huge variety of great event, the overall experience of the desk gives out a modern view of the future workspace.

Does The Desk have any exciting plans coming up in the next 6 months?

We are recently working to form a pool of Mentorship Program, Accelerator Program and Startup Showcase Program.

What is your favorite part about coworking?

My favorite part about coworking is both able to work in a friendly and creative environment and meeting people with diverse background and experience.

How would you like people to remember you and The Desk?

From my perspective, I would love the people to remember the desk as a friendly and engaging community where they provide more than just a workspace; which is the opportunity to extend both their network and knowledge through a variety of creative moment and event.

What makes The Desk Coworking Special?

The Desk is not just a space for rent nor a place for an intense working only like a traditional working office. The Desk is a nexus for people with similar characteristic and passion that come together to share and learn from one another. Even though it primary purpose is to provide a high quality and advanced workspace, the desk also acts as a supportive community zone where member can enjoy working while feeling warm and welcome. The dedication of building a strong and interactive community is what make the desk special.